Can Samsung Galaxy S3 Get Any Better? Yes & It Just Did

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Looking at the Premium Suite features offered alongside Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on the Galaxy Note 10.1 have now allowed us a peek at what owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 can look forward to when the update comes their way.

New Samsung Galaxy S3 features courtesy of Premium Suite bundle in Jelly Bean update

The Samsung Tomorrow blog posted two videos which showed seven features which are coming with the Premium Suite to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The first of these videos showed a look at just half of the features which would come soon to the flagship device. These included Page Buddy, Contextual Menu and the Lock Ticker for Facebook.

The Premium Suite for the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with 14 new features in total now, along with bringing fixes for bugs and many other improvements.

In part two of the video focus is put on Paper Artist, which allows users to spice images up, Low Light Shot, which helps users to take photos in dark places, and Best Face, which brings content from five shots to create one single photo that is blink free.

Easy mode is one of the accessibility options that makes moving from using one feature of the handset to another easy for novices. Sound Balance allows users to choose a favoured audio channel when inserting earphones.

Samsung have made it quite clear that the timing and the availability of the Premium Suite will depend on the mobile carrier and it will vary based on country. All in all the Samsung Galaxy S3 just keeps getting better! Check out the video below for more details on the Samsung Galaxy S3 features coming your way with Jelly Bean and Premium Suite.

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