Samsung Galaxy S3 Smashed Open Like Pinata, Goodies Available For Download

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Are you looking to grab some of the goodies in the Samsung Galaxy S3 for your smartphone? Well look no more as the Galaxy S3’s Notifications, Alarms, Ringtones and Wallpapers (both Live and Static) have all leaked on to the Web for you to download.

Samsung Galaxy S3 live wallpapers, S-Voice and media files leaked

The hottest and latest rumors over the internet at the present are all about the Galaxy S3 ROM.  As it is the usual practice, the users in the XDA forums began picking the device apart while at the same time making available for download all the required goodies.

The S-voice feature has indeed been reviewed greatly by anxious and excited users.  Additionally, there is the Smart Stay – this is basically a feature that monitors where your eyes are looking via the front-facing camera.  Its main purpose is to prevent the timeout of the screen if you’re still looking at the Samsung Galaxy S3.

In addition to these new features, both the static and live wallpapers as well as media files have been extracted so that they can readily and easily be downloaded and used on other Android smartphones.

The comments and reviews at most online forums show that most people love the wallpapers, ringtones, new alarms and notifications from the Samsung Galaxy S3 so hit the source link and dig in!


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