Samsung Galaxy S3 Features You May Have Overlooked

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One of the devices on the market that has the most features is the Samsung Galaxy S3. It has so many features that it is impossible to tell if you might have missed any. So here are some of the ones that you could have missed.

If you are not tech inclined there is a mode for you. The older generation can get confused when they have too many options but you can activate the Easy UI mode. This ensures that you have a screen that is much easier to manage.

You can use touchscreen gestures when in contacts and this means that texting is easier along with calling people. In contact you can send a text to someone by swiping your finger right to left on the person or you can call them by going left to right.

You can boost your Samsung Galaxy S3 battery by using the power feature. This changes many aspects to ensure that you get the most out of the battery.

When taking videos on the device you can trim and edit them on the handset.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 does not have video output but you can get an adapter that will plug into the handset to send video to your TV in HD. It will cost around $20.

You can save a webpage and then view it offline. Just touch the menu soft key and choose save to read offline.

You can use KIES to get music, video or photos onto your device or you can drag and drop when plugged into the computer or you can sync with KIES through Wi-Fi.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 can deal with different types of video which means you don’t have to waste time converting them.

You can take panorama photos with your device so that you can capture all the surroundings.

You can wipe the Samsung Galaxy S3 remotely if you lose it so that people cannot access your information. Just sign up with Samsung and then use the Find my Phone feature.

Finally there is an Easter egg in the device in “About” just keep on clicking on this and you will see a Jelly Bean face and if you hold your finger on it the whole screen will fill with Jelly Beans.

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