Samsung Galaxy S3 Features You Didn’t Know Exist

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most feature-packed phones around, so it’s quite likely you’ve missed a trick or two. We’ve very kindly decided to have a rundown of the Samsung Galaxy S3 features that have gone under many a radar, and here’s the latest batch.

Samsung Galaxy S3 features you likely missed out on (Part 3)

There’s a mode specially for those of us who aren’t uber-techies. You should activate the easy UI mode on the Samsung Galaxy S3, which will show you a simplified homescreen with large, pre-set buttons. You’ll find it in Settings>Homescreen Mode. You granny will appreciate it!

If you want to extend your battery life, then use the power savings mode. This mode will alter the haptic feedback strength and the brightness of the display. It will also slow the CPU down, and change the background colour of the browser to a darker tone.

If you use your Samsung Galaxy S3 for videos, then you’ll be pleased to know you can trim and edit them on the phone itself. There’s the app for it in your drawer.

Your contacts book has some handy touchscreen features that’ll make life easier. Just swipe from right to left to text a contact, and from left to right to call them.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t have a video output, but there is a HDMI adapter for $20. It plugs into the phone and sends HD vids to your TV. This is handy for those who have films on their phones and want to watch them on a “real” screen.

You can save web pages for browsing later, when you don’t have an internet connection. Store them in the phone’s memory and read them later. Just go to the menu’s soft key and pick “save for offline reading”.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 can handle lots of different video formats. This means you don’t have to fiddle around converting videos before you can play them. Just load them up and give it a go.

There are several ways to put photos, videos and music onto your Samsung Galaxy S3. You can use KIES, or you can drag and drop straight onto your memory card. With KIES you can sync your phone over Wi-Fi.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 can also do panoramic photos, so you can capture as wide a shot as you want by slowly turning around.

You can also wipe your Samsung Galaxy S3 remotely if it gets lost or stolen. This prevents people seeing your info. Sign up to Samsung Online and then you can either wipe your handset, or look for it first with the Find my Phone feature.

Samsung has also hidden an Easter egg in the Samsung Galaxy S3! Go to the About Device section in Settings and hit the Android version entry repeatedly….you’ll see a smiling Jelly Bean face. If you hold your finger on it, your screen will fill with jelly beans. This may be the nearest to Jelly Bean the average Verizon user’s gonna get (ducks and runs…).

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