Samsung Galaxy S3 Features You Could’ve Overlooked

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There are more than nine million Samsung Galaxy S3 owners, but we wonder how many know how to use all the tricks and features lurking in their handsets. We’ve decided to feature six tips a week to show S3 users just what their phones can do.

Samsung Galaxy S3 features you didn’t know you had (Part 3)

To get to S-Voice, just tap the home button twice to open the app.

Need a quick screen shot of your home screen? Hold down the home and power buttons for two seconds and then go to your gallery to see your photo. An even easier method is to swipe your palm over the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 – simple!

It’s easy to monitor data usage. Go to Settings, and then tick the mobile data limit box. There’s a graph that you can set up to watch your usage and get alerts when you’re nearing your limits.

Jumping between open apps is easy – press and hold the home button for two seconds on the Samsung Galaxy S3. All the open apps will appear, and you can decide which ones to keep and which ones to close, which is done by swiping right or left.

Like to keep an eye on your battery? Head to Settings, pick display and tick the battery percentage box. This makes life easier than squinting at the small icon on the notification bar.

Google Search is easy to find, too. Hold the menu button for two seconds, which pops up the search bar, then you can type in it. Unlike the Nexus, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has unified search, so you can explore your memory as well as the internet.

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