Samsung Galaxy S3: Some Lesser Known Features

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most pre-ordered handsets of 2012 and it has some superb features hidden away. Here are 5 features that you may not realize your S3 has.

Less publicized Samsung Galaxy S3 features

Do you realize that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is capable of taking panoramic photos? If you want to capture a scene change the shooting mode and you can get the whole picture in one shot.

If you don’t want anyone to know what you have been looking at on the internet on your phone you can choose to browse incognito. Just open your browser on the device and look in the Tabs window which is located at the upper right. All you have to do is click the icon of the cloak and dagger man and your history will not be saved when you quit the browser.

If you need to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S3 all you have to do is swipe the palm of your hand across the screen. The S3 will take a photo and store it in your gallery.

If you are struggling to see in the dark you can use your Samsung Galaxy S3 as a torch. The Assistive light widget can be put on your home screen and it will turn the flash used by the camera into a flashlight.

If you have set the volume to maximum for calls on your Samsung Galaxy S3 but you still can’t hear what the caller is saying you can use the extra volume button that will be on the screen during a phone call. This will turn up the volume more so you should be able to hear the caller more clearly.

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