Samsung Galaxy S3: Features You Didn’t Know You Had

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More than six million Samsung Galaxy S3 phones have been sold since its release, but how many users know how to get the most out of their handset? Each week we’ll be featuring six tips for Samsung Galaxy S3 users to show you certain things you may not know your S3 is capable of. Here is our third edition:

Samsung Galaxy S3 features you didn’t know you had (Part 3)

If you want to get to S-Voice all you need to do is tap the home button twice and the app opens.

If you need a quick screenshot of your home screen, hold the power and home buttons down for two seconds, then head to your photo gallery to see the result. Even easier than this is swiping your palm over the screen to get a screengrab.

Monitoring data usage is easy. Set up notifications by going to Settings and ticking the box for mobile data limit. There’s a graph you can set up to watch your data pattern.

Switching between open apps is also easy on the Samsung Galaxy S3 – just press and hold down the home button for a couple of seconds. All the open apps will show up, allowing you to decide which ones you want to close or keep, which you do by swiping them right or left.

Concerned about your battery? Go to Settings, choose display and tick the box for battery percentage. This is easier than deciphering the small icon on the top corner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 notification bar.

Going to Google search is easy. Hold down the menu button for two seconds, which makes the search bar pop up, allowing you to type into it. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is unlike the Nexus in that it still has unified search, so you can look into your phone’s memory in addition to the web results.

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