Samsung Galaxy S3 Features You May Not Know Existed

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One of the most pre-ordered handsets of 2012 in the Android family is the Samsung Galaxy S3. However if you want to get the most out of the device you need to know what it is capable of and hence we will weekly be highligting a half dozen tips for your S3 users out there. Here are the 6 Samsung Galaxy S3 tips for this week.

Samsung Galaxy S3 features

The first of these is that if you want to gain access to S Voice all you have to do is tap your home button twice and the app will open up.

Ever had the need to grab a screenshot of your home screen? You can do this easily if you hold the power and home button down and keep hold of them for around 2 seconds. Head over to the gallery on your phone and there will be a photo of the screen. An easier way for some is to swipe the palm of the hand over the screen and you will capture just the same.

If you want to keep an eye on how much data you are using on your handset it’s simple. You can set up notifications by going into Settings and then checking the box where it says set mobile data limit. There will be a graph you can alter to check your data pattern.

If you want to switch between the apps you have open just press and hold the home button for a few seconds and all the apps running will show up, you can then choose which you want or close apps by giving them a swipe to the left or right.

Want to know the state of your battery? Go into Settings and choose display and put a check at the side of the box to show the percentage of the remaining battery. This is a lot better than struggling with the small icon.

Getting into Google search is easy if you hold down the menu button for around 2 seconds. The search bar will pop up and you can type in it. The Samsung Galaxy S3 unlike the Nexus has unified search so you can search your whole phone.

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