New Samsung Galaxy S3 Variant Leaked, Jelly Bean Inside [PICS]

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If you have a business line and a personal one then you will probably carry two phones around with you. As they increase in size this can be very annoying and this was one reason why dual SIM card devices were invented. However up to now there hasn’t been anything mind blowing about the specs of dual SIM devices. This all looks set to change as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is going to be released in a dual SIM variation.

Samsung Galaxy S3 with dual-SIM & Jelly Bean leaked

Unwired said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-i939D has been spotted in China and it has two SIM card slots. One is a CDMA and the other a GSM. This of course means that you can use two numbers with the one device.

The dual SIM version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will come with all the specs of the international version fo the device. It will have the 4.8 inch display of Super AMOLED HD, 1GB of RAM and the Exynos processor of 1.4GHz. The device will also have an 8 megapixel camera and the 1.9 megapixel camera on the front.

About the only other difference between the dual SIM version and the standard is the fact that the dual SIM version will come with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean already installed. At the moment owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are waiting for the update, with some lucky ones only already receiving it.

It is thought that there will also be a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 dual SIM handset coming our way too, with the first of the duo arriving as early as next month. At the moment there is nothing that suggests that the device will be released to a wide range of markets and the US may not likely be seeing it.

Samsung Galaxy S3 with dual-SIM

Samsung Galaxy S3 with dual-SIM

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