Samsung Galaxy S3: All That’s Missing Are Magic Unicorns

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Inspiration for the Samsung Galaxy S3 came from a walk in the forest and the high tech handset is meant to reflect how simple nature is. That’s basically what the vice president for mobile design for Samsung said. The company wanted to make a stronger connection with their consumers and designed the handset’s display to reflect the sparkling look and feel of pebbles seen in a stream in the sun.

Samsung Galaxy S3 design inspiration came from the weirdest of places

This story sounds very similar to the one told in court by a designer who said that the handset was inspired by a bowl of water. However the jury didn’t get to hear this as it was blocked in the trial. A verdict on the court case is expected very soon as earlier in the week it was turned into the hands of the jurors.

The sound engineer said that the sounds on the handset were designed to sound as though the user was taking a walk in a forest. While the designer of the interface said that the unlock screen should create pleasant memories and allow the user’s imagination to run wild.

So when you use your Samsung Galaxy S3 do you feel as though you are walking through a forest or are you simply using one of the most powerful Android handsets of 2012 so far?


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