Beware, Samsung Galaxy S3 May Be An Idol With Clay Feet

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The release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was followed by a number of performance and quality issues dampening the hype somewhat. Some problems have been addressed, but some Samsung Galaxy S3 users are having trouble getting replacements.

Samsung Galaxy S3 issues reported so far

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a constellation of problems like cheap build and annoying performance issues, even though it’s touted as the best smartphone around. Here’s a quick overview:

Cheap Build Quality

The cheap plastic of the Samsung Galaxy S3 back cover has led to a tolerance problem. There are numerous complaints about small cracks, and hopes that the S3 might have a better cover than the S2 have been dashed and then some, as it actually seems cheaper.

PhoneArena showed images of hairline cracks on the battery cover of white Samsung Galaxy S3 units – these cracks came straight out of the box, so it seems a manufacturing defect is the problem.

There have been a few reports about case damage, but no firm numbers just yet. Samsung is looking into it, according to Tweakers techblog.

Samsung has offered to replace cracked units, and users have said that cracks appear during normal usage. Problems like this haunted the HTC One S too after launch, when the aluminum shell began to flake. HTC were swift to replace the phones.

Manufacturing issues with pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S3 had also meant Samsung had to destroy 600,000-plus blue battery covers due to defects. These defects were behind the delay of the blue S3.

When up against the superior materials in the iPhone 4S, the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Sony Xperia S, as well as the HTC One X and One S, the Samsung Galaxy S3 looks like it needs to up its game.

Camera Bug

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is also having software hassle that leads to the rear camera not working. One YouTube contributor posted a video showing a workaround involving the user switching from front to rear and back again, which fixed the problem. Replacement phones seem to be free of this issue.

Glitch with Flash Video Playback

Another YouTube user has posted a video showing a software problem with flash videos. The Samsung Galaxy S3 seems to have decoder problems, as the film freezes after a while with the audio running on regardless.

Problem with Writing Messages in Word

YouTube user scroubious has drawn attention to problems with writing Word messages. Word is non-responsive and bug-riddled at times, and users have to try a few times to insert text or move the cursor.

We don’t know if these problems are isolated incidences or if they’re systemic. Samsung will probably fix them with its planned firmware updates. Some users claim that a replacement has sorted the problems.

Memory Bug Problem

Another YouTube user says the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a bug leading to memory discrepancy. “After a few days of exchanging emails with Samsung MEA, where they could not understand the problem, they have advised me to do a factory reset….the notification is now gone !” he says. He also adds, “As for the 16GB, my old S1 came with 16GB and had 13GB available! My iPad is 16GB and comes with 13GB too! Why would Samsung GS3 be the exception???? ICS is too big!”

What’s your experience with the Samsung Galaxy S3? Have you encountered any issues yet?

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