Samsung Galaxy S3 Now Readily Available In More Than 2 Colors

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Smartphones are generally offered in more than one color and this was seen when Samsung released their Galaxy S3 in Pebble Blue or Marble White. Back in July Samsung also said that the Galaxy S3 would eventually be available in different color choices and it seems they have kept to their word as Carphone Warehouse now have the Samsung Galaxy S3 available in Garnet Red.

Samsung Galaxy S3 now available in 3 color choices

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been available in this colour in the US on AT&T and it has now found its way over the pond to the UK to retailers in the high street.

The new colour Samsung Galaxy S3 is available from Carphone Warehouse for free if you take it out over two years on contract for £28 per month. However if you do not want to enter into a contract then you can choose the Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S3 or any other color version SIM free. You can expect to pay a high price of around £499.95 and if you want to take out the device on Pay and Go then you can expect to pay $519.95 with a top up of £10. Samsung say that more colors will be coming to the UK soon, a black version will be among them for those who don’t like to stand out.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will also be updated to Jelly Bean soon; this is thought to be as early as this week in Europe. Furthermore, back at IFA in Berlin earlier this month we saw an Amber Brown Samsung Galaxy S3 from Vodafone running Jelly Bean. So there is the likelihood that newer colors may launch with Jelly Bean preloaded.

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