Want A Galaxy S3? Sorry Kids, Santa’s An Apple Fanboy (Best Buy)

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This time of year children take notice of ads to find which is the best gift and then they get on the best side of their aunts and uncles to buy them that gift.

Want a Samsung Galaxy S3? Well Santa maybe an Apple fanboy this year unfortunately

Christmas lists have changed over the years and now it’s not unusual to find children having lists of things they need and things they want.

It seems that Best Buy understands how children think and they know that children take notice of ads at this time of the year and they think that all children would like Apple products.

A recent ad of Best buy showed a man explaining to a mother and her son that the products from Apple can “do anything”. What a clever way to push some of their most expensive products off the shelves and into the stockings of children this Christmas.

Of course if you want a Samsung Galaxy S3 then you may need to tell your parents that you prefer Android over Apple products. Otherwise Santa may just stuff an iPhone 5 in your stockings this year! Check out the ad in question below.

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