Samsung Galaxy S3 Tips: How To Get The Most From Your Camera

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While the Samsung Galaxy S3 does come with a decent camera of 8 megapixels, those who are serious about their photos will know that it does lack some features that come with a standalone camera.

However there is good news at VTEC has launched some camera accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and these bring new features to the camera on the smartphone. Owners of the phone can simply snap the accessories into place on their device.

One of the main issues with the camera is the limited zoom. However this can be fixed with the CAM 1209 Aluminium Telephoto Lens for the cost of £34.99. This brings with it 12 x zoom and it comes with a manual focus ring and a tripod.

VTEC have also launched the Wide Angle and Macro lens and you can get these together for £23.99. The wide angle lens means that owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 can take a photo of more scenery in one shot. The macro lens is great when you want to take a photo of something close up in detail.

VTEC have produced numerous camera accessories including a microscope attachment which offer zoom of 20z at £24.99, a CPL filer that reduces reflections and glare at £34.99 and a fish eye lens.

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