21-Megapixel Samsung Galaxy Android To Join S3 This Year?

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There are rumors going around that Samsung are getting ready for the launch of another Android based Samsung Galaxy device. CNET states that this Galaxy device is a compact camera.

21-MP camera based off Samsung Galaxy S3 tipped

Thought to belong to the Galaxy S family, it may be in competition with the recently revealed Coolpix S800x camera which also runs on Android. the device offers sharing videos and stills over a Wi-Fi connection with ease.

The device is said to have Android Ice Cream Sandwich installed and it is thought that the design of the camera is loosely based on the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is the first device to have a huge 21 times zoom optical lens. It will also have a 4.8 inch AMOLED display along with a 16 megapixel sensor and a Xenon flash which pops up.

Rumour has it that the Android camera from Samsung will be available in two different models. One that has just Wi-Fi and another that also has 3G. It is thought that there may be some mention of the device at the IFA 2012 which is set to begin this week.

Samsung Galaxy render based off S3

Samsung Galaxy render based off S3

If it is anything like the Samsung Galaxy S3 sans the calling capabilities, we can certainly see interest sparking.

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