[DEAL] Samsung Galaxy S3 Free On Black Friday 2012

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is arguably the hottest smartphone of the year so it comes as no surprise that the hottest sales day of the year, Black Friday 2012, doesn’t include this superphone in.

Black Friday 2012 at Sam’s Club: Samsung Galaxy S3 only $0.96

The folks over at AndroidPolice report that you will be able to the get the Samsung Galaxy S3 practically free come Black Friday next month. Sam’s Club will be selling the device at a ridiculous $0.96 with a two-year contract. The tech blog has gone so far as to call up a couple of Sam’s Club outlets to confirm this and from the feedback they have received, this applies to all Samsung Galaxy S3 carrier models, as long as that particular outlet carries for that carrier.

As we know Sam’s Club does cater for all carriers so this is a big yes! The Samsung Galaxy S3 is of course now 5 months old and selling strong with over 30 million in sales recorded. Surprisingly it has shown no signs of slowing down as newer Android smartphones seem to be matching its hardware instead of blowing it away (e.g Motorola DROID RAZR HD, LG Nexus 4, iPhone 5, etc).

Black Friday 2012 of course is one of the most hectic shopping days of the year. So if you want to save $200 odd dollars on a Samsung Galaxy S3 come next month, make sure to get plenty of rest and arrive at your selected outlet well before the doors are opened to the public. There is no word about just how many Samsung Galaxy S3 units Sam’s Club outlets are carrying for Black Friday 2012

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