Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Better Than iPhone 5 (15 Reasons Why)

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Now that the iPhone 5 is out and official, Samsung has taken to pitting it against the Galaxy S3 in their first of which we think will be many TV ads to show their S3 is better than Apple’s phone. Their upcoming TV ad which leaked just before the weekend points out 13 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the iPhone 5. If you missed it, here they are.

Why Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has NFC built in, whereas the iPhone 5 does not. This is perfect for sharing and pairing by just touching devices. With NFC you can do virtually everything that Bluetooth does and more.

Smart Stay is a feature of the Galaxy S3 that stops the back light from turning off when you are looking at the screen of the handset and it works like a charm when in well-lit areas.

S Beam comes with the update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and this makes use of the NFC feature of the Samsung Galaxy S3 when it comes to passing data between handsets. This is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s “Bump”.

Share Shot is a superb way to share pictures with other owners of the Galaxy S3. You can transfer photos through a Wi-Fi connection. this is similar to the iPhone 5 Shared Photo Streams, but this cannot be used through a Wi-Fi connection.

Group Cast is excellent for those who give presentations. Users can view and interact with files such as images, PowerPoint and PDF through their devices.

Direct Call is another Samsung Galaxy S3 feature that is very clever. If you are writing out a text and then reconsider and decide you are better off talking instead, you can just put the handset up to your ear and the phone will dial the person’s number for you.

Smart Alert reminds you through vibration if you have missed any text messages or phone calls when you have been away from your device. It is much like the notification centre but with Smart Alert you don’t have to check yourself to see if you missed something.

Tilt to Zoom, as the name suggests, allows users to tilt their handset to zoom in instead of having to pinch to zoom.

Palm Swipe Capture means that users can swipe their palm over the screen of the device and it will capture whatever is on screen. The iPhone 5 can do this but you need to press the sleep/wake and home buttons at the same time.

Palm touch to silence your device works the same as when swiping to capture the screen but this works when you are listening to music.

Picture in picture is great for those who want to watch videos while they are using their handset for something else. You can watch in a small pop up window.

Turn over to mute is a great feature if you want to quickly silence an incoming call. Simply turn the Samsung Galaxy S3 over and the phone goes quiet.

Shake to update allows you to shake your Samsung Galaxy S3 to get the latest information on apps. An example is when in Twitter you can shake the handset to receive the latest Tweets.

The removable battery of course is a bonus as you can replace it with a new one if you own two. The iPhone 5 battery cannot be removed.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 supports expandable storage via a microSD card unlike the iPhone 5.

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