Samsung Galaxy S3: Forget Specs, S3 Still The Best

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Each December it is nice just to kick back and relax and take in all the impressive tech of the year. 2012 has been a great year for advances in hardware, but there is still one device that stands out above the crowd as being the best smartphone of 2012 – the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3: still the best smartphone of 2012

Bear in mind that the newer a device the generally more better and powerful it is. This is where the Samsung Galaxy S3 becomes an exception. Even with handsets such as the HTC Droid DNA which has only been on the shelves for a month or so and as such is more advanced when it comes to tech than those that were released earlier in the year, the S3 is still a better pick in my opinion. Details taken into account include the cost, the performance and how easy it is to get your hands on the device. So after comparing all of the devices that have been available this year, why is the Samsung Galaxy S3 the best?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is available just about everywhere in the world and on lots of carriers, including all the major ones in the US. It supports LTE along with HSPA+.

The LTE variation of the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with the Snapdragon dual core processor and it has 2GB of RAM. The other had the quad core Exynos processor with 1GB of RAM. There isn’t a lot of difference in regards to performance of the two handsets. However it offers Samsung the option to play on the strengths of the two networks.

It is one of the most widely available handsets and hence there are lots of accessories for it. There are some Android devices that you have to really search to find a case for, this is not so with the Samsung Galaxy S3. In fact you can easily pick up inductive chargers, desktop docks, car docks, and matching MP3 player from Samsung. It is the only device from this year that has come close to the Apple iPhone 5, and it has more accessories than the iPhone 5, thanks to the introduction of the Lightning port.

In regards to battery life the Samsung Galaxy S3 has come out well in benchmark tests. It was very well supported on the fastest US networks. The handset offers a full day of battery life, and is capable of offering 10 hours when under stress. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was the only handset to match the Apple iPhone 5 with battery life, and blew the LG Nexus 4, HTC Droid Razr M and the Incredible 4G LTE, away.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is very well supported by the hacker and modder communities. The device was rooted fast and there are many 3rd party ROMs available.

Samsung were able to take the Samsung Galaxy S3 a new way. The TouchWiz of Samsung was the worst of the shells on Android for many years. However it has had a makeover and now it offers natural gestures and features that you cannot get with any other device. The experience is superb and has features that can be activated and which go towards making the device more personal. Samsung have made Android unique and this is something that others haven’t been able to do.

Samsung have met with stiff competition and will enter into 2013 facing many competitors. Already there have been devices with displays of 1080p screens, quad core processors that support LTE, plus inductive charging is fast becoming the standard. Samsung have owned 2012 courtesy of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and they should be very proud.

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