Best Buy Blindly Sues Over Samsung Galaxy S3 Leak

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Best Buy wants to put an end to the cycle of the typical rumor mill. This is the one where before the release of a product there are plenty of rumors from manufacturing plants overseas and then following the release of the device people then turn to retail chains for information that has not been announced.

Best Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 leak ends up in lawsuit

The retail giant from Minnesota is the place to go if you want information regarding release dates of devices along with prices of products. Recently they have taken a rather extreme measure, bringing a lawsuit against the culprit who leaked details about a very secretive handset, the Samsung Galaxy S3. However there is one problem with this and that is they have no idea who the culprit is.

By filing the lawsuit however they will actually be able to look into it further by digging deeper to reveal the culprit. This could have been something to do with Samsung as after all they are no strangers to lawsuits. Best Buy has developed something called Confidential Marketing Information which is then distributed by only a very select group of employees with the company on a need to know basis. Third party service providers can also access information via a password protected website.

In its claim Best Buy said that the defendants have intentionally interfered and have wrongfully interfered with the business interests of Best Buy and economic relations.

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