Is Samsung Galaxy S3 Still The Best Android Out There?

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 happened to be the best-selling device of 2012. However as we are now into 2013 and many more Android devices are on the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, HTC Droid DNA, LG Nexus 4 and Apple iPhone 5, is it still the best device around?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs the best

All of the devices that were mentioned above, with the exception of the LG Nexus 4, are more costly than the Samsung Galaxy S3. The LG Nexus 4 costs $299 at the Google Play Store, which is of course the only place to get the device at this price.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is about $520, which means that it is cheaper than the competitors, which are between $600 and $850. One of the reasons the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the cheapest is thanks to it being the oldest handset. So therefore you have to ask if the device is past its best and too old to buy? The answer to this is easy, no it isn’t.

On paper at least it matches the competition thanks to great battery life and it has been updated software-wise to Jelly Bean. It offers a large display and it keeps up with rivals in benchmark tests. The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a large developer community and if you root the device and install a fresh ROM then it will not be out of date anytime soon.

You still have to wonder if the extra hardware in the newer phones would make such as difference in day to day use. Well look at it this way, even if you bought the Droid DNA, LG Nexus 4 or Apple iPhone 5 you would perhaps be drooling when the new Samsung Galaxy S4 or Samsung Galaxy Note 3, or the latest handsets were released.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 does have hardware that is decent, plenty of features that help it compete with younger handsets and a developer community to back it that is strong. Due to all of this it is still a recommended buy.

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