Fifteen Ways Samsung Galaxy S3 Beats iPhone 5

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The iPhone 5 has got the Samsung Galaxy 3 on the ropes, but Samsung is still touting its flagship product and a recent ad boasted of 15 reasons why the S3 is better than the iPhone 5 despite the age difference. Here’s why Samsung is so confident that the Galaxy S3 can stand up against the iPhone 5.

Why Samsung Galaxy S3 beats the iPhone 5 (Samsung ad)

The Samsung Galaxy 3 has NFC and the iPhone 5 doesn’t. NFC is like an advanced Bluetooth where you can also swap content by tapping NFC-compatible devices together, tags and even make  mobile payments.

Smart Stay keeps the Samsung Galaxy 3 back light on while you’re looking at the screen, which is useful in daylight or bright places where the tracker can see your eyeballs.

S-Beam lets you transfer data between handsets by tapping them together.

Smart Alert vibrates to tell you about missed calls or texts. It’s like the notification centre, but it saves you from remembering to check your phone.

Picture in Picture lets users watch films in a small pop-up while they’re already doing something else.

Share Shot lets Samsung Galaxy 3 owners share pics over Wi-Fi, a bit like Apple’s Shared Photo Streams.

Direct Call is a handy widget that allows you to abandon a text message and call the person instead, just by holding the Samsung Galaxy 3 to your ear.

Palm Swipe Capture means you can do a screen grab by swiping your palm over the S3 screen. Of course you can do iPhone 5 screengrabs too, but you need to hold down the home and on/off buttons down.

Palm Touch works like Palm Swipe, but you use it to mute music instantly.

Shake to Update lets you update apps like Twitter and Facebook by shaking the phone.

The removable battery is mega-handy if you buy another as a back-up and keep it charged. The iPhone 5 battery is unremovable, annoyingly.

Group Cast is a boon for anyone giving presentations. Users can see and interact with files like PowerPoint, as well as PDFs and stored images.

The Samsung Galaxy 3 supports microSD to the tune of 64GB, which can means 128GB of storage for some phones. The iPhone 5 has no SD support and maxes out at 64GB.

Turn Over to Mute is as you’d imagine – turn the Samsung Galaxy 3 over to silence an incoming call.

Tilt-to-Zoom offers a less fiddly way to zoom than pinching, or so Samsung believes.

It was a bit naughty of Samsung to leave out the many amazing iPhone 5 features that are better than the Samsung Galaxy 3, but this array of 15 is not to be sniffed at either.

Samsung Galaxy S3 ad

Samsung Galaxy S3 ad

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