Samsung Galaxy S3: 10 Tips To Improve Battery Life

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While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best Android smartphone we can buy at the moment, there is one complaint that seems to show no signs of dying down – battery life. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and find battery life is an issue, here are some tips which should help extend the time between charges.

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery tips

Make sure that you know your options for your syncing your email. You can push it but this will drain your battery fast. Choose an interval of say 10 minutes or even an hour, the longer the better or check your email manually

Make sure that you avoid deep discharging your Samsung Galaxy S3 battery to ensure long term capacity, you should charge it as often and whenever you can

Set your screen to a lower brightness and/or use the auto brightness, and turn of the power saving mode. One step further would be to choose a wallpaper that is not live as live wallpapers will help to drain the battery of the handset too.

Turn off Hotspot and GPS when you are not using them on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Also get rid of any apps that you are not using and head over to Google Play Store and see if any apps you have need updating

Delete your email account and then add it back again and this will refresh settings on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Back up important information and then perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy S3 and then restore the back up.

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