Samsung Galaxy S3: Battery Boosting Tricks

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best phones out there, but there have been quite a few gripes about its less-than-stellar battery. We’ve compiled some tips to get the most out of your phone’s power source.

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life tips

It’s handy to have your email synced, but it really drains your Samsung Galaxy S3 battery, so you could have your phone set to check for new emails on a timed basis instead of waiting for push. You could set it for every ten minutes or every hour – the longer the intervals, the more juice you save.

Live wallpapers look amazing, but they are very energy-expensive, so opt for static wallpapers instead. It’s also a good idea to choose darker ones, too, as brighter ones will use more power on that AMOLED display.

Talking of that Samsung Galaxy S3 display – lower its brightness. A really good idea is to turn off auto brightness and manually drop it to as low as you can physically see. Some people might find this a bit too dim while others get used to it.

Charge your phone whenever you can – never let the battery become completely flat.

If you don’t use GPS or Hotspot, turn them off. Delete apps that you’ve never used or that have fallen out of favour, and update the ones that you do use to make sure they’re running as efficiently as possible.

One final thing is to back up all your important stuff and then do a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy S3. This often works when you’re noticing your phone getting more feeble but can’t work out why. This move will make your phone revert back to its “new state” and then you can pour all your data back in.

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