Samsung Galaxy S3: Tips To Extend Battery Performance

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the huge hit of 2012, but it does have poor battery life, so we’ve compiles six ways in which you can extend its life should yours be dying out before it makes it back to the night stand.

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery tips

While syncing email is useful, it is a real drain, so set your Samsung Galaxy S3 to check for new emails at set intervals, like ten minutes or even an hour. The less frequently it checks, the more juice you’ll save.

Live wallpapers might look great, but they are really energy-expensive, so opt for a static wallpaper instead. Make sure it’s quite dark, too, as AMOLED displays use more energy on bright colours.

If you’re not using Hotspot or GPS, turn them off. You could also delete apps that you no longer use and update the ones that you do use. Deleting unused apps ensures their not meddling around in the background.

Dim your display – turn off auto-brightness and reduce the screen brightness as much as possible. While the auto-brightness features on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is good, it still doesn’t know how low some users can go.

You can also back up all your important data and then perform a factory reset. This may work if you see your battery getting weaker for no apparent reason. This reset will return your Samsung Galaxy S3 to its “new” state and then you can add your data once more.

Make sure you never let your battery drain completely – charge it as often as possible. This maintains battery integrity on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

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