Samsung Galaxy S3: Ire Over Poor Battery Life Unfounded

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Despite the Samsung Galaxy S3 being the must-have handset of the year so far, once buyers got it out of its box they started complaining about its poor battery life, and this problem seems widespread.

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery complaints still on the rise

This battery issue seems to be affecting the international Samsung Galaxy S3 version, and the handset looks like it’s using a lot of power on standby – way more than it should. Those helpful XDA forum guys have worked out that this is merely a miscalculation of power usage rather than genuine drainage.

It’s the standby feature that’s the source of the problem. According to some, the drain value is in a file in the phone (framework-res.apk), and the value was set wrongly at 34mA when it should be 3.4mA. This means that it shows a 50-70% battery drain. If you’re having this issue you can change the power_profile.xml file located in the framework-res package.

Samsung hasn’t said much about the problem, and may not, as the solution is easy and very public. The company may also fix it with the upcoming second update. If rumors serve true, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update may launch on August 29, the same day the Korean company is expected to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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