Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Life Drops After Jelly Bean

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When Samsung Galaxy S3 owners finally managed to get their hands on the Jelly Bean update on Verizon they were overjoyed. However following the update some users have found out that the battery life of their device is worse off.

Samsung Galaxy S3 & Jelly Bean battery life problems

Following installation of the Verizon Jelly Bean update people said that the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S3 started to drain faster when the handset was doing nothing overnight.

So we took the version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 from Verizon on Jelly Bean and charged it fully. The battery went down overnight to around 898%, by 7am in the morning. We then did the same with the device that is still running ICS (Cricket Samsung Galaxy S3) and checked it at the same time. We found out that it had gone down to 96%.

There is no way of being sure why this happens, however you can turn off Google Now location services. Apparently Google Now and it services may be checking more often ever since Jelly Bean was installed.

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