Samsung Galaxy S3 Takes Unfortunate Hit After Jelly Bean

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 users in the US are delighted to finally get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but their batteries are feeling the burn, apparently.

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life tanks after Android 4.1 Jelly Bean claim users

Soon after Jelly Bean got to Verizon users last month, there were loads of complaints about Galaxy S3 batteries running dry too fast. Incredibly, the battery drains even faster if it’s left idle overnight!

We tested it all out with our Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3, and it looks like it’s true. We put a fully charged ICS Galaxy S3 on the nightstand, and by 7.00am the next day it was on 98%. After updating it to Jelly Bean, this same Samsung Galaxy S3 was down to 89% after a night.

We can’t quite work out what’s doing this, but a good way to save battery is to turn off location services in Google Now. Doing this gave us 95% to work with in the morning. If we turned off location services on an ICS Samsung Galaxy S3, there was no difference. It may well be that Jelly Bean means that Google Now updates its location much more than before.

Have you noticed the same problem? Did you turn location services off? Did this help, or just mess up Google Now cards? Let us know.

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