Samsung Galaxy S3: The Real Lowdown On Battery Life

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been THE phone of the year, but there’s been loads said about its battery – and not all of it good. Wanna find out more?

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life test results

The Samsung Galaxy S3 battery is 2,100mAh, so it should last a fair while on one charge; here’s what you can probably expect. It gives you around 10 hours and 20 minutes of talk on 3G, which in real world tests beats the Droid RAZR MAXX and the original Note, as well as the iPhone 4S despite what the specs sheet say.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 excels on video playback, lasting 10 hours – just short of the RAZR MAXX. It’s so-so when it comes to browsing, lasting around five hours and 20 minutes, which is a letdown compared to the iPhone 5 and its seven hours. The Samsung Galaxy S3 does compare well, though, to the HTC One X.

You should be able to get a full day out of one full charge. The Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t have the HTC One X’s Tegra 3 core architecture to save battery life, but it uses other tricks to stop the quad-core soaking up juice as our tests found.

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