Samsung Galaxy S3: What’s Battery Life Really Like

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One of the most talked about devices so far of 2012 is the Samsung Galaxy S3. However one thing that everyone wants to know is what the battery life of the device is like and if it matches up to competitors.

Samsung Galaxy S3: battery life impressions

The battery is 2100mAh and so it should provide plenty of usage before you have to recharge it. So here is a run-down of what you can expect from the battery:

The Samsung Galaxy S3 provides around 10 hours and 20 mins of talk time on 3G. It beats the Droid Razr Maxx and the Galaxy Note in real world tests, along with the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S2.

The battery is mediocre when web browsing and typically lasts around 5 hours and 17 mins. This is disappointing in comparison to the iPhone 4S which gives around 6 hours and 56 mins as well as the iPhone 5. But it does compare to the HTC Sensation XL, the Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC Rezound.

Video playback on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is superb and typically lasts for up to 10 hours and falls just below the Razr Maxx.

As you can see you should be able to easily get through a day on a full battery charge. While the Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t have the Tegra 3 core setup to conserve battery like the HTC One X does, it does use other means to ensure that the quad cores do not eat away at the battery life.

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