Samsung Galaxy S3: 6 Ways To Stretch Out Battery Life

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been the hit of the year, but one of the gripes about it has been its battery life. So, we have some tips to eke the most life out of it.

Samsung Galaxy S3: tips to increase battery life

Syncing email is handy, but it really drains the juice. To save some battery, have your Samsung Galaxy S3 check for new emails at set intervals – be it five or ten minutes, or even an hour. The less frequent it checks, the more life you’ll have.

To keep your battery in tip-top condition, charge it as much as possible and never let it drain completely.

Live wallpapers look amazing, but they flatten that battery in no time. Choose a static wallpaper instead, and make sure it’s darker, as bright ones use up more juice on an AMOLED display.

Dim the display and you’ll last longer. A really good idea is to turn off auto-brightness and turn the screen brightness as low as possible.

If you don’t use GPS or Hotspot, turn them off to save battery on your Samsung Galaxy S3. You could also delete apps that you don’t bother with, and update the apps that you do.

The other thing you could do is to back up all the important data on your Samsung Galaxy S3 and then do a factory reset. This might benefit you if you’ve noticed your battery getting “weaker” but don’t understand why. This move will set your phone back to its “new state” and then you can re-add all your important data.

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