Samsung Galaxy S3: Anger Over Poor Battery Life Misguided

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While the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been one of the most wanted devices of 2012 so far, when customers eventually got it in their hands complaints started coming in about the battery life of the handset. The problem it seems is more widespread than it was first thought.

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery complaints growing

The poor battery life is said to be affecting the international version of the handset. It appears that the Samsung Galaxy S3 uses a great deal more of power when on standby than it should. Users over at the XDA forum have found that this is merely miscalculation of the usage of power as opposed to drainage though.

The source behind the problem was the standby feature. Some say that the drain value in a file on the phone, the framework-res.apk, was set wrongly at 34mA when it should have been 3.4 mA. What this means is that it is wrongly showing 50% to 70% battery drain. If you have been affected by this issue you can changed the power_profile.xml file which is located in the framework-res package.

At the moment Samsung have not made a comment on the problem and it may be that they will not as the fix is easy. Or maybe they have decided to fix the issue when they release the second update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 shortly.

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