Samsung Tries & Avoid Ban By Saying Galaxy Not As Good As Apple When It Comes To Multitouch

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Samsung have admitted that their multi-touch software is not as good as the one that Apple has reports PCWorld. They did this in an attempt to try and avoid a ban on sales of their popular Galaxy handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S3 in a court case in the Netherlands with Apple.

Samsung tries to protect phones like Galaxy S3 by downplaying Android

Apple is trying to get some of the devices of Samsung banned due to the fact that they infringe on Apple’s touch patent. This patent stops the user pressing two buttons on the screen at the same time. Apple is asking that all devices with Android 2.3 and higher are taken off sale and this could be devastating for Samsung and have an effect all over the EU due to the fact that their distribution center is in the Netherlands.

Both Android and iOS handsets are able to disable input on screen areas where the developer believes it is needed to avoid an undesirable affect. Apple use a view system while Android uses something similar but doesn’t have just one view, this is what their lawyers are arguing. The technique, while being similar, is different on Android explained one of the lawyers for Samsung to the judge. Apple says Samsung do not have a lesser system and their system does exactly the same as the one on iOS.

The court case will all come down to how interpretation is made on the specific wording of the patent of Apple’s. Samsung are also saying that the event model patent should be invalid as it is similar to other tech and not a new innovation from Apple. They are talking about Diamond Touch which was an innovation from 2001. Diamond Touch comes from Mitsubishi Electronics and is now licensed by Circle Twelve.

For now we will have to wait until 21st September when the court in Germany will rule one way of the other. A court in the UK has already found that Samsung did not infringe on the patent of Apple. The court in Hague will announce their judgement on 24th October. Until then devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 may be safe from ban over in Europe.

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