Samsung Galaxy S3 US Ban Likely To Be Enforced Soon (TGW)

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The on-going battle between Apple and Samsung could take another turn very soon as Apple are seeking to have handsets of Samsung taken off the market in the US. They have submitted a case in courts that due to the fact that Samsung copied their patents some of their handsets need to be banned from sale.

TGW: Samsung Galaxy S3 US sales may be banned shortly

Apple said that 17 of the handsets of Samsung including the popular Galaxy S3 and the Note, have violated their patents in the slide to unlock function, auto correction, word completion and universal search patents.

This move by Apple comes after they won last month court case for infringement which saw Samsung having to pay out $1.05 billion.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most pre-ordered devices of 2012 on the Android platform and if the judge rules against Samsung again and the device has to be taken from the shelves it would be a great loss for Samsung and tech lovers in the US.

According to TechGadgetsWeb (TGW), the Samsung Galaxy S3 sales ban in the US is likely to enforced shortly.

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