Samsung Galaxy S3 Now Available In Apple Store

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When you walk into any Apple Store, you get a certain feeling that is quite difficult to explain but at the same time all too familiar. That atmosphere is now home to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the rest of Samsung’s range of electronics explains AllThingsD.

Samsung Galaxy S3 gets a new home that looks all too familiar

Samsung have opened a brand new experience store in Sydney Australia and it looks a lot like the Apple Store. The design and layout of the new store is very thinly spread out and airy, designed in the open plan look, just like Apple stores around the world. The store is complete with a dedicated area for customer support, which Samsung have given the name of Samsung Smart Tutors. Apple has the Apple Genius Bar.

The store also includes a demonstration area and it has the broad wall displays and all staff dress in blue T-shirts to give a clean line look. Given that the corporate color of Samsung is blue there is no surprise that the staff wear this color. However the new store does resemble the stores of Apple, which were considered pioneering at the time.

New Samsung Store

New Samsung Store

These stores could also further enhance the convictions of Apple that Samsung have once again copied them. When asked about the resemblance, Samsung refused to comment claims AllThingsD.

Do you think they have copied the store design of Apple or is it just a coincidence that the store resembles Apple’s? Would such an setup tempt you into walking in and giving the Samsung Galaxy S3 a spin?

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