How S3 & Unintended Consequences Scarred iPhone 5

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A study has revealed that the lawsuit that Apple brought against Samsung, actually helped the Korean giant with the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Apple lawsuit indirectly helped boost Samsung Galaxy S3 sales

A Localytics report has said that two instances have helped when it came to the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The first of these was when the verdict was announced in the patent infringement case. When this happened, sales of the S3 rose by 16% during the week of 21st to 27th August.

Press coverage of the case helped Samsung not just to become a name recognised worldwide, but also it constantly compared the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the iPhone 4S, suggesting that both of the handsets were very similar. This of course made them decent options to consider for those looking for a new device. Bear in mind, that following the verdict, the Samsung Galaxy S3 outsold the iPhone 4S for the first time ever in the US.

The second noticeable spike occurred when the iPhone 5 was announced on the 12th September. There was a lot of comparison again about the two phones being very similar. The Samsung Galaxy S3 saw a spike in sales of 15% in the week when the iPhone 5 was launched.

Localytics studied the amount of new S3 devices sold, seen by apps that were using Localytics between 31st July and 1st October, which they then used to compute the week over week global growth. The report shows that consumers may not be tied to just one operating system and may compare handsets and features before rushing out to buy.

On the other hand it could show that there has been a shift in sentiment towards Samsung. Some believe that Apple are bullies and are anti-competitive. Whatever it may be, Apple has certainly learned about the law of unintended consequences from this debacle.

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