Samsung Found Guilty Of Copying Apple, The Washer Gave It Away (Conan)

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By now all fans of tech know about the on-going court battle between the two smartphone giants Apple and Samsung and those who didn’t know, do now thanks to comedian Conan O Brian and his TBS show. A video clip was posted on YouTube earlier where Conan indirectly found Samsung the guilty party.

Spoof shows Samsung guilty of copying Apple

In the spoof video Samsung’s marketing vice president goes into detail to explain why Samsung devices are so different from those of Apple. Nick Wood explains that the phones from Samsung have a grey edge to them and then he shows a photo of the iPad and Galaxy Tab side by side and then says, not even close. He then goes on to talk about how original the domestic appliances of Samsung actually are, showing an iWashing machine which looks very similar to the iPod design with scroll wheel (screenshot below).

Let’s hope the judge and jury wasn’t watching the show as it could sway them [sarcasm]. Do you think buyers could actually mistakenly purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab or Galaxy S3 thinking it is the New iPad ‘3’ or iPhone 4S? While a tech head wouldn’t and will instead pick either device based on their fondness for Android or iOS, Apple argues that the same cannot be said about the average consumer who is easily swayed by what they see and feel when they first pick up the device.

Samsung iWasher

Samsung iWasher

With the iPhone 5 rumored to launch before the year is up, the Samsung-Apple battle will no doubt reach all new heights.

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