Samsung Galaxy S3: Are You Holding The Giant Phone Wrong?

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Who can forget the appalling position of the antenna on the iPhone 4, which led to users having to avoid covering a specific part of the phone for fear of phone calls being cut off mid-flow? Steve Jobs was less than apologetic when he stated “you’re holding the phone wrong” though eventually a bumper case was created by Apple and distributed to iPhone 4 owners who required one to make usage easier.

Samsung Galaxy S3 antenna at bottom, users warned not to block it

As mentioned on DroidLife, Samsung have been relatively obvious in their desire to reach success at the same volume of Apple and see Apple as an equal, which is why this page from the new Samsung Galaxy S3 user manual has us chuckling.

Samsung have placed the antenna on the Galaxy S3 right at the bottom of the device, and although we would be unlikely to hold the device covering that part of the phone as it is so large at 4.8-inches, we couldn’t really hold it like that with just one hand, Samsung has ensured it is noted in their instructional manual that you should not hold it covering that part.

We acknowledge that all phones must have an antenna so there will be a part that you should avoid holding so the signal does not suffer, but this comparison with Apple is still pretty funny. The Samsung Galaxy S3 as we know will be available here in the US by the end of the month.

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