Is Samsung Galaxy S3 The Last Of Its Kind?

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Samsung have gotten a lot of attention when they became the first company to release a Windows Phone 8 handset. They even beat Nokia by one week to take the title of being the first, but could this be a sign that Samsung are getting ready to abandon Android? Benzinga thinks so.

Could Samsung Galaxy S3 be the Samsung’s last flagship that’s Android?

Some say that this would never happen as they make too many dollars with Android for them to say goodbye. Take for instance the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has shattered pre-order records and is currently even outselling the iPhone 4S in most markets.

On the other hand it would mean that Apple would not be able to take them to court and sue, if they were making Windows phones, as they successfully did with their Android handsets. Microsoft seems to be free and clear of any patent issues of Apple’s along with other companies and should the Windows handset be a big seller, a move could be something for Samsung to think about points out Benzinga.

At the moment Samsung have just revealed their Galaxy Note 2 Android phablet which they hope undercuts the unveiling of the iPhone 5 from Apple. Without the Android platform Samsung would not have stood a chance of beating the smartphone sales of Apple by 20 million units. They would not have managed to sell loads more phones after losing a lawsuit either, albeit a costly $1 billion.

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 a hot favorite, we already have high expectations for the Samsung Galaxy S4… here’s hoping it is Android based though.

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