Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Premium Suite Features (Roundup)

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With Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean hitting the Samsung Galaxy S3 along with what is dubbed Premium Suit, its time to take a look at what new features the update brings.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Premium Suite Android Jelly Bean

The TouchWiz interface has new additions in what Samsung are calling the Premium Suite. One of these is the Multi Window apps, which means that you can open two apps at the same time, in two windows and resize them independently. It also brings Reader Mode for the web browser, Facebook Lock Ticker so that you can get updates from Facebook on the lock screen and Auto Share Shot Pairing with NFC. This happens to be a very interesting feature as you can share photos taken with other devices that have S Beam or NFC.

Improvements have also been made to the UI. This means that you can enjoy Page Buddy, which is an handy app which would make the handset react to actions, such as if you were to plug in headphones, the device would navigate to the screen with your music player.

Another new Samsung Galaxy S3 feature is a Contextual Menu which means that you can sort apps based on the frequency of use. There is also Contextual tag which lets you add information which includes date, location of new photos and weather.

The update sounds great and it should trickle down to more Samsung Galaxy S3 units over the next few weeks.

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