Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.2 Update Is A Shoe-In

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We asked readers of ours who own the Samsung Galaxy S3 if they were still happy with it, or if the delays in the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update had taken the shine off it somewhat. Jelly Bean has come out from most US carriers now, but Verizon and US Cellular are still to get their acts together. None of these carriers has even given even a vague ETA for Jelly Bean.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update

While Verizon and US Cellular  customers are waiting for Android 4.1, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint users are now waiting for 4.2.

Thankfully, Samsung says it’s going to look at the existing portfolio of handsets waiting for Android 4.2, and that the update is already under works. So with confirmation that some existing Samsung phones will get Android 4.2, it makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 a shoe-in given that it is Samsung’s current flagship phone.

Samsung is notoriously slow with updates, so Samsung Galaxy S3 owners might have to wait a while yet. With Verizon and US Cellular, the delay isn’t Samsung’s fault, it’s actually the carriers’ fault. This delay means that Android 4.2 will probably be just as tardy for these two networks.

Android 4.2 brings Gesture Typing and PhotoSphere, as well as a host of minor tweaks. Samsung has looked at the portfolio for 4.2, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is obviously at the top with the Note 2, which confirms that the handset will get it. There’s no way as yet of confirming whether the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the first Note will get Android 4.2 though.

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