Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Update Status

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If you’re waiting for the Jelly Bean 4.2 update to come to the Samsung Galaxy S3, we’ve got some good news – leaked screenshots of a GS3 running 4.2. This heralds the rollout to the international model.

If this does happen, Galaxy S3 owners will be very happy indeed – they’ll be getting loads of new features, including Smart Scroll, which means that they can scroll through pages using eye gestures. This feature is one of the big draws of the Galaxy S4, as well.

We actually thought that the screenshot showed a Galaxy S4, but the model number of the phone revealed it to be a Galaxy S3.

Smart Pause in another winning widget – this feature pauses videos if the user looks away from the screen. This feature relies on the front camera on the phone.

Smart Scroll might not be compatible with all apps, though – we know this from looking at the screenshot of the control screen, where the owner can set up the apps to work.

So, Galaxy S3 owners will love Jelly Bean 4.2, then. Sprint customers are also getting a big bonus, as they’ll have the option to choose a purple Galaxy S3!

The Galaxy S4 has made its appearance recently, so time is moving on. Despite this, the Galaxy S3 is still a serious contender.

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