Samsung Galaxy S3 Will Get Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

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We asked readers if they were happy with how carriers were rolling out updates to phones – especially Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Jelly Bean 4.1. There were big delays with Jelly Bean, which may have stolen some of the Samsung Galaxy S3 thunder in the US. Most carriers now have JB, but Verizon only joined the party last week, when other areas of the world had it at least a month ago.

So, Samsung Galaxy S3 owners are waiting for Android 4.2 now

Samsung has looked at its list of devices and has seen that the update is coming, so some existing phones will get 4.2, including the Galaxy S3. Samsung has confirmed this.

Samsung is historically slow at updates, so GS3 owners might have to wait a while for 4.2. However, these delays are sometimes the fault of the carriers rather than of the phone manufacturer.

Android 4.2 will bring improvements like PhotoSphere and Gesture Typing, as well as others. Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is at the top of the company’s list for the update, accompanied by the Galaxy Note 2. We don’t know if the Galaxy S2 and the first Galaxy Note will get Android 4.2, though.

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