Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.2 Update: Where Art Thou?

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Those who own the Samsung Galaxy S3 have been waiting for Jelly Bean 4.2 to come out and there is good news for them in that we have seen screenshots of the handsets and it has the update. This means that the update is real and that it should be making its way to the international version of the device very soon.

When it arrives, owners of the handset can look forward to such as Smart Scroll. This allows people to scroll webpages using their eyes. This happens to be one of the best-selling features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4.

We did think that the screenshots were of the new handset, however you can see the About screen and this points to it being the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the update.

Another feature is Smart Pause and this means that videos can be paused with the eyes.

It has been said that this will only work with certain apps, which you can set up in the control panel.

Along with this news there is news that Sprint is to get a new coloured device. They will get a purple version of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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