Samsung Galaxy S3 Designed For Humans, Horny Ones

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 can do many wonderful things and even more so with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. NFC is one part of the capabilities of the handset through S Beam, but we have to wonder just how many people use it for, shall we say “private activities.”

New Samsung Galaxy S3 ad loaded with innuendo

There has been a new ad from Samsung that seems to suggest that owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 can share naughty photos or videos with their other half, should they have to part for a little while. These types of innuendos are not generally what you expect to find in an advert from Samsung, however the majority of people will see the funny side to it, hopefully.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 ad starts out with the children of a man telling him that they have made a video for him to watch at the airport. The man’s wife then shares a video media by touching her handset to his and transferring the file through NFC. She promptly tells him to watch it when he gets on the plane. However she then sends him another video, and says that this one is not suitable to watch on the plane. It seems that Samsung are planting what has to be a sexual innuendo in their ad, perhaps as a reminder that NFC can be used to share an intimate moment with the one you love discreetly.

Apple has for the time being not gone anywhere near this area with their ads for the iPhone 5. Now it will be interesting to see if that changes and if Apple will too, spice up their adverts for the iPhone 5. Check out the interesting Samsung Galaxy S3 ad below.

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