Own A Samsung Galaxy S3? Then You’ll Want This

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When Samsung released their latest handset, the Samsung Galaxy S3, they promised us a host of new accessories to accompany the device eventually, in particular one that would allow for wireless charging. Until now, there has been no hardware to back up this promise.

Must-have Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories: Zen wireless charger

However, things are set to change as they have just revealed that Zens, a third party company, have announced the release of their product for wirelessly charging the handset. They said that their product will integrate nicely with the Samsung Galaxy S3 by way of a battery cover with a power receiver in it. All users have to do is swap out the rear cover of the handset for the one with the logo from Zens on it.

The company have designed two colors, one to match the pebble blue and one for the marble white version of the phone. However, if you have the Samsung Galaxy S3 Olympic edition of the handset you are out of luck. Zens are the company who make the wireless charging solutions for phones from Apple too like the iPhone 4 and 4S.

For now, this is the only solution announced if you wish to charge your Samsung Galaxy S3 wirelessly, until Samsung decides to release one. Maybe it will be at the same time as the S Pebble Dongle, which was talked about but as yet not revealed. At the moment, there is no exact date for the release of the charging solution from Zen, nor the price but there are hints of a September launch.


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