3 Things Every Samsung Galaxy S3 Deserves

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If you’ve bagged yourself a Samsung Galaxy S3, you have the hottest smartphone of the year and so you’ll want to accessorize it well. Here’s the three top accessories you must have for your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Must-have Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories

Phillips’ Micro USB Android Speaker Dock is high on the list as it’s a charger as well as a speaker. One of the best on the market, it gives users great sound quality and unique features. One of these features is the FlexiDock platform which means you can choose between landscape and portrait by moving the Micro USB connection. If you get this app from Phillips you can connect the phone to the speaker via Bluetooth, and the DockStudio app means you can do more with your phone than just listening to music and charging up.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 MHL Adapter is popular because it lets users mirror their phone’s display on an HDTV or HDMI monitor. It can display and charge simultaneously, and the fact you can watch it on a big screen means you can watch 1080 movies that you have stored in your phone. It’s also good to play games with a Bluetooth controller, and this gadget is a must-have if you ever do presentations.

Smart Tags are also a good buy as due to the integral NFC capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S3, you can program them to do things automatically. You could have one Smart Tag sticker by your bedside that would turn off your phone and switch it to clock mode at bedtime. All you’d need to do would be to touch the phone to the sticker. When you’re in the car you could have mobile data to switch on automatically, as well as Bluetooth and GPS for directions.

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