128GB Samsung Galaxy S3 Shot Down, Guess 98GB Will Do

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Clove were taking pre-orders for the 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and now they have turned round and said that they now no longer want to stock the device.

Clove: No Samsung Galaxy S3 6GB

At the moment the 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 hasn’t reached the UK, you can get the device in 16GB or 32GB versions only. Clove were taking pre-orders of the larger handset for £600, however they said that whether they chose to stock them or not would depend on whether they got enough orders for the device.

After a trial period of two weeks the online retailer said earlier this week that they would not be offering the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3device to customers after all. This has people wondering if the 64GB version of the handset will in fact ever come to the UK at all.

They said that they had made the black version of the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 available for pre-order; however the demand wasn’t high enough for it and the minimum amount of stock weren’t reached. Due to this fact they had decided not to stock the device.

The only difference to the 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 versus the current models is the amount of storage internally. Coupling the 64GB model with the 64GB expandable storage would mean that it would be capable of 128GB of storage in total. Currently the highest available in 98GB.

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