Samsung Galaxy S3: The Dark Knight Rises With Strings Attached

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If you decided to wait before rushing out and getting the white or blue version of the S3, you may have made the right choice as there is a special black version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 coming out with a whopping 64GB internal storage. This is as we’ve said before, the Dark Knight Of Samsung Galaxy S3 phones.

Special Samsung Galaxy S3 Black 64GB edition incoming, with strings attached

The device will come to the UK first and this will then be followed by other parts of Europe suggests Product-Reviews. Retailers have started taking pre-orders for the handset, with Clove being one of them. They say they will have the 64GB version of the black Samsung Galaxy S3 for $600 unlocked. While this may seem a high price to pay for a device, bear in mind that Apple wants $530 for their 64GB iPhone 5 so it isn’t far off.

The specs for the 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are the same as with other models and at the moment there is no word on whether the device will be shipped with ICS or the latest version of Android (Jelly Bean 4.2). There is also no known shipping date for the handset. Clove said that they will tell customers of the shipping date IF they meet a certain number of pre-orders. This of course means that you will have to wait more than 5 working days from pre-ordering your device. What’s even worse is that you will have a long wait on your hands before finding out whether Clove got enough pre-orders to go through with the device. Therefore if you want the handset for Christmas, it seems very risky, not to mention unlikely.

Clove seems to be the only retailer in the UK at the moment who is taking pre-orders for the black 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3.

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