Samsung Galaxy S3 Hoaring Its Good Looks Out To Low Budget Siblings

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Samsung have been on a mission as they have released a number of handsets onto the market. They are continuing with this as the range of devices grows each month and now the company has revealed the Galaxy Fame and Galaxy Young and both of these devices have a similar appearance to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

A number of handsets have shown up on benchmarks, one of which was the Young, along with a device that was called the Galaxy Fame. Samsung have made both of the devices official and they look like their flagship handset, except they are smaller.

The Samsung Galaxy Fame along with the Samsung Galaxy Young both have a processor of 1GHz and this comes complete with 512MB of RAM. They have batteries of the handsets are 1300mAh and they come with just 4GB of storage. This could be expanded by another 64GB via SD card.

The Samsung Galaxy Fame comes with a display of 3.5 inches and has a resolution of 320 x 400 along with a camera on the front of 5 megapixels. The Samsung Galaxy Young comes with a display of 3.27 inches and has the same resolution with a camera of 3 megapixels on the back.

Both of the devices will have Android Jelly Bean 4.1 while the Samsung Galaxy Fame will also come with NFC support. Some may say that Samsung are cheapening the range of Galaxy handsets as they are offering too many devices varying in size. They have recently revealed the Samsung Galaxy Express and there is also the Samsung Galaxy Mini and the Grand Duos.

Samsung have said that the two devices will make their way to the UK in March, but right now there is no word on how much the devices may cost.

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