New ‘Fully Loaded’ Samsung Galaxy S3 Now Official, Exclusive To Home Market Only

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As you may know, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is not identical in all countries – the device will have a slightly different spec depending on the country you are in when you purchase the device.

‘Fully loaded’ Samsung Galaxy S3 now official

If you have a model that includes support for LTE, you will have a Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor within your smartphone, rather than the quad-core Exynos chip seen in many of the other S3 models. Not only that, but many of those with dual core; the Japanese and Canadian, have 2GB RAM rather than the 1GB RAM seen in the European models. Not a bad trade-off despite losing out on the quad-core processor

However, a new incredible-sounding model has been reported that doesn’t make any sacrifices: This ‘fully loaded’ Samsung Galaxy S3 will be released in the device’s home-land of South Korea and has been said to have the quad-core Exynos processor, as well as 2GB RAM and LTE support. This would be the first device in the world to be quad-core and support LTE (though there is an upcoming LG device that has been reported to have this, as well as the Arrows X, from Fujitsu).

Although this announcement isn’t yet official, The Verge reports that the details were discussed at a very recent Samsung launch event, making it semi-official to say the least.

Update: Since writing this story, The Verge reported that they heard from Samsung that the Korean LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 “includes a quad-Core Exynos application processor and an LTE modem chip separately.” They speculate that it is probably the reason why their version of the device is a little bulkier in size and weight, although it does contain the same battery. The 3G device is reportedly able to be purchased today in Korean stores, whilst the one with LTE support is to be released in July.

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